Culture Statement

Our core values, beliefs and team personality are;

  • To put our customers interests first, in all that we do. Look to go the extra mile whenever possible. Under promise and over deliver to WOW and delight our customers with jaw dropping customer service
  • To think positively at all times
  • Use positive language and live ‘Above the line’
  • Always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’
  • Meet, greet and say farewell to everyone by name, with a sincere smile, eye contact and an appropriate touch
  • Be honest and always tell the truth
  • Dress well and take a pride in your personal grooming
  • Turn up on time (or keep the customer informed if we are running late)
  • Keep the customer informed of what we plan to do, what we are doing and what we have done
  • Use your initiative and this guide to make good decisions and act on your own