Top Tips for Hiring Tradespeople

We’ve all had, or heard of, a builder (or tradesperson) from hell story – haven’t we? You know – the sort of nightmare you see on Anne Robinson’s Watchdog Programme. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are your essential 10 tips for taking the risk out of getting work done on your precious home. 

1.    Make sure they can give you a full and proper address (preferably local)

2.    And that they have a fixed landline telephone number

 3.    Look for glowing testimonials from genuine local customers

 4.    Better still – ask a friend or family member for a personal recommendation

 5.    Always get three written quotes

 6.    Ask to examine their written Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

 7.    Ensure you fully understand their written Terms and Conditions

 8.    Do not pay cash up-front (but small deposits and fair staged payments are usually safe)

 9.    Double- check that they are registered with the appropriate bodies (e.g. Gas Safe Register)– because your family’s lives depend on it

 10. Insist that the firm is run by a really friendly chap called James Mitcham