There are approximately 30 manufacturers of combination boilers. Combiline is able to carry out repair works on all makes of combi and conventional boiler found in the UK today.











Combiline can repair any fault from a simple leak right up to a full boiler overhaul.

Spare parts are carried in stock to allow “first call fix” in many instances. Where parts are not within the stock range they are normally available within 48 hrs.

How do you know if your boiler needs attention?

Carry out some basic checks using the checklist below

  1. Is the electricity supply on?
    • Check the boiler supply switch is lit
    • Check the fuse on the boiler supply switch: replace if necessary
  2. Combination Boilers: is the water pressure adequate?
    • Check the pressure gauge on the front panel shows 1.0-1.5 bar.
    • If not, turn off the boiler, locate the filling loop tap and top-up to required pressure.
  3. If the boiler has a pilot light, is it lit?
    • No? Refer to manual for lighting procedure. Re-light pilot and observe. (Instructions may be printed on the reverse of the boiler front panel)
    • Yes, but the main burner doesn’t light? Check room thermostat and time clock are calling for heat.
  4. Is the pilot light lit but there’s no heating or hot water?
    • Yes? Could be due to pump or gas valve failure.
    • Contact us for assistance.
  5. If the boiler has an electronic ignition (ie no pilot), is a spark present? (Use eye-view to check inside the boiler)
    • No? Contact us for assistance
  6. Is the boiler particularly noisy?
    • Yes? Could be due to pump failure – Contact us for assistance
  7. Conventional Boiler: is there either hot water or central heating but not both?
    • Yes? Check the diverter value is functioning. Refer to manual for location of valve.